Food Safety & Quality Capabilities


Many of the largest Indian and Global food brands trust us with their most precious asset: their good name. Our customers trust and rely on us to provide unsurpassed food safety and food quality assurance because they know it ensures brand security and sustainability. We design and manage quality assurance and supply chain systems to protect and sustain your brand, products and reputation to the fullest extent.

OSI Vista follows stringent food safety steps through Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs and FSSC 22000 standard certification to make sure every product we make delivers consistent food quality and unsurpassed food safety.

Our team of experienced and highly dedicated quality assurance experts have rich experience within our processing chain, from farm to fork. We ensure compliance to specifications, develop the strongest tracking and traceability systems plus arrange secure logistics while championing best practices in process control and assured supply. Our quality department includes a quality customer service team dedicated to working with our customers around the clock to deliver quick feedback, reporting and resolution of any customer concerns to ensure customer satisfaction.

Stringent Policies:

We set standards that meet regulatory requirements and we continuously benchmark ourselves and our suppliers against those standards. All our plants and suppliers undergo regular audits such as HACCP, Food Safety, GMP, GAP & Animal Welfare. We also subject them to Process and Raw Material risk assessments, and we stay current with new and innovative quality procedures and technologies.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training:

At OSI Vista, quality and safety are the first priority of every employee. Each employee is individually responsible and accountable to ensure the highest standards are met. Employees receive GMP training as part of their orientation and annually thereafter. We focus on quality and food safety every shift, every day.


Relentless Tracking and Traceability:

We don’t just put standards in place. We also continuously check and verify ourselves and our suppliers to see how we are doing against those standards. We have incorporated a set of Quality KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and systems in order to track and trend internally as well as use to benchmark internally and globally.


Annual QA audits:

We use rigorous annual quality audits to make sure every product is measured and tested against dozens of standards and requirements including customer and government requirements and the toughest standards of all- OUR OWN. At OSI Vista we conduct routine weekly, monthly and quarterly internal audits in order to continuously drive improvement in our systems so we can best service our customers.


Ongoing Sensory Evaluation:

Quality, taste and consistency are just as important to us as food safety. We do whatever it takes to make sure that the products we make look, taste and perform exactly the way our customers want them to. We evaluate every batch, every shift to ensure consistent quality and sensory parameters. We have an in house dedicated & trained sensory panel to evaluate products daily plus we also hold weekly sensory evaluations with plant management. In addition to this we hold frequent joint sensory sessions with our customers to gauge feedback and drive improvement.


Keeping you one step ahead:

  • We keep up with new laboratory methods and processing techniques
  • We assist with new product specifications, quality parameters, product prep instructions and process cook validations
  • We put safety first when designing processes and specifying equipment
  • We work closely with various industry experts, government authorities and NGOs to help educate customers, and to help anticipate and address any quality or food safety issues that may arise. We also use our associations to spread positive consumer awareness.